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A1 Green Energies (A1GE) is an energy management firm with solutions that help interface and reduce Electric, Water, Gas, Maintenance, Labor, Chemical Consumption, all while going Green. We provide the most significant and cost effective energy & water conservation technologies as stand-alone, or bundled, totally integrated sustainability solutions for the entire building industry. Our solutions act as a catalyst to improve the performance and quality of systems, products, services and processes with our exclusive IP. A1GE would like to visit your facility to survey and determine how we can provide you with conservation, correction as well as renewable energy solutions based upon established technologies. A1GE products are proven to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption from 30 percent to off-grid with typical payback in 24 to 48 months.


The environment is becoming a top priority to all organizations and the bundled product set allows organizations to embrace both corporate and social responsibility. A1GE offers an environmentally conscious solution with a tremendous ROI. Incorporating A1GE technology into your business's energy and carbon strategy will deliver significant results from the day of installation.


Our extensive list of products and services are bundled and mated together in the menu format provided in our A1GE website.


Some of our technologies focus on:


Precision Measuring & Power Correcting Systems:

1. Achieves 95% efficiency rating, resulting in measurable, guaranteed energy savings.

2. Dashboards allow users to check on kW, amps, temp, etc. in real time increments and confirm the cost savings they are realizing.

3. Plant managers gain efficiency, reduced production downtime.

5. Saves money on power consumption, avoids over-stressing equipment.

6. Reduces high demand kW on inductive motor loads (HVAC, Compressors, Industrial machinery, etc.)


HVAC systems:

1. Reduce energy consumption

2. Reduce water consumption

3. Eliminate chemical consumption

4. Reduce labor and maintenance

5. Extend equipment life


Boiler Systems, advanced intelligent boiler control for Closed Loop boilers:

1. Energy and Emissions saving technology

2. Facility Costs Lowered

3. Energy Waste Reduced

4. Carbon Emissions Reduced

5. Energy Savings from 10% - 30%

6. Proven Technology 4,000+ Installed
7. High ROI

As you see above our technologies are designed to reduce energy consumption in closed loop boilers that can reduce the firings which save gas with a great ROI. A1GE also provides solutions for open loop boilers (Steam), which can reduce energy consumption and eliminate the usage of chemicals by 50-70% minimum.

Energy Management Systems:

    The A1 system offers automated centralized supervisory control through of a number of wirelessly distributed control interfaces, sensors and a master controller.


  3. Hardware device functionality is described below:

    Master Control Unit (MCU)
    The MCU is a microprocessor-based controller. The device hosts a development environment which allows the execution of customized A1 applications. These applications allow the device to maintain complete control of all other controller connections, data handling and event based actions at each location. It also manages the data transfer between the local controllers and the online SCADA server.



Our technical team has in-depth experience with all of the above as well as with lighting and controls, PV and Thermal Solar and renewable smart grid solutions. We bring a wide range of energy conservation as well as monitoring and maintenance solutions to the table.


A1 Green Energies would like to thank you for your interest and consideration.
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